Optical laboratory

PISEO has its own optical measurement laboratory, accredited ISO 17025 by COFRAC (scope available on www.cofrac.fr).

The PISÉO laboratory is used to test the electro-optical performance of any component (LED, LASER, photodiode, CMOS imager, materials for optics, etc.) or photonic system (lighting, cameras, screens, etc.) operating in UV, visible, or IR.

The laboratory is divided into three areas:

The photometry laboratory

The optical imaging laboratory

– The laboratory for the characterization of the optical properties of materials

With its accreditation and long experience in optical measurement, PISEO develops and implements rigorous, repeatable, and reproducible test protocols based on internationally-recognized methods. These provisions guarantee you precise, high-quality test results.

The test reports produced by the PISEO laboratory are internationally recognized and allow you to obtain CE certifications to be registered by the FDA for the American market, or to prepare approvals for the automotive market.

Photometry laboratory

The photometry laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited by COFRAC, with the scope available on www.cofrac.fr : colorimetric and photometric measurements, optical flicker, photobiological risk evaluation …


Optical imaging laboratory

Equipped with all the necessary equipment, PISEO’s optical measurement experts allow you to test all stages of the optical chain of imaging systems (sensors, lenses, camera modules and displays) operating in the visible and infrared.


Laboratory for characterizing the optical properties of materials

PISÉO offers optical characterization services for materials (polymers, glass, multilayers, surface-treated, etc.) for design and simulation purposes.