Defense and security

By using wide spectral ranges, optical and photonic technologies are widely used for defense and security applications. By perfectly mastering these technologies and with a particular ability to understand application needs, PISÉO experts provide industrial players with their know-how to develop and test innovative and optimized optical solutions.

– Thermal imaging : Thermal imaging and night vision systems incorporating infrared detectors provide target detection and identification in low and very low light conditions. They are used for surveillance, reconnaissance, navigation, and search and rescue operations.

– LASER and LiDAR telemetry : LASER telemetry systems allow the detection of targets or obstacles over long distances. They integrate optical and photonic technologies such as LASER diodes and imaging sensors that generally operate in the near infrared. These systems accurately measure an object’s distance, speed, and position. They are used for target acquisition, 3D mapping, precision navigation, munitions guidance, and suspicious movement detection.

– Recognition and identification : Recognition and identification solutions use advanced optical and photonic technologies. They incorporate electronic components such as LEDs, LASER diodes (EEL and VCSEL), and CMOS or CCD detectors operating in visible, NIR (Near Infrared), and SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) spectral ranges. These components, coupled with sophisticated lenses or complex light guides, allow very resolute image captures in sometimes challenging environments.