Thanks to LEDs, lighting has evolved considerably in recent years. LED technology makes it possible to develop very efficient solutions from an energy point of view and with a wide variety of color temperatures. PISÉO’s experts have a perfect command of this technology and support you in creating and testing state-of-the-art products that comply with regulations.

– Interior lighting : LED interior lighting luminaires provide visual comfort and a pleasant atmosphere for all types of activities. Well-designed and correctly installed, they also have an unequaled lifespan.

– Outdoor lighting : Easily controllable, LED outdoor lighting luminaires considerably reduce the electricity consumption of municipalities while ensuring the safety of users. They make extensive use of freeform refractive lenses to control the light beam and thus achieve excellent uniformity on roads and the long distances between the masts.

– Emergency lighting : Safety lighting is essential and mandatory to ensure the safety of users. By integrating light guides and diffusers, LEDs make it possible to develop solutions that are particularly suited to the specific requirements of autonomous emergency lighting units.