Optical test benches

Optical test benches are complex devices used to test the optical properties and performance of materials, components and photonic systems. They are found in many industries including lighting, automotive, defense, healthcare, semiconductor, aerospace, glass industries and in the world of research.

A specialist in optical metrology and the design of photonic systems, PISÉO develops and delivers several optical test benches each year. They can carry out precise, repeatable electro-optical measurements with known measurement uncertainties.

Optical test benches can test components such as light sources, detectors or sensors or more integrated systems such as cameras or light devices, including displays, screens, signage, and lighting, or even materials. PISÉO supports you from the definition of the specifications to the delivery of the test bench. These services also take into account the installation of the bench and the training of your employees.

The optical test benches developed and produced by PISÉO’s experts meet stringent requirements and constraints. They are used for research as well as for performing electro-optical tests in production. They have human-machine interfaces (HMI) developed by PISÉO and can be interconnected with the customer’s control or supervision systems.

PISÉO’s experts have thus designed and created test benches for the applications including the quality control of endoscopes, imagers, detection components, light lines and fabrics for car interiors.