The photometry laboratory

The photometry laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited by COFRAC, with the scope available on

Equipped with state-of-the-art measuring instruments, it allows electro-optical and visual performance tests to be carried out on light sources such as lamps and LEDs and lighting devices such as LED modules and luminaires, for all types of applications. It also makes it possible to assess the photobiological risk of these sources and devices.

Rigorous and experienced, PISEO’s photometry experts guarantee you quality test results to objectively demonstrate the performance and regulatory compliance of your lighting products including CE marking and EEC requirements.

These tests are also useful during the development phases of your products. It is also possible for you to use our laboratory for half-day or full-day test sessions.

Characteristics measured

  • Radiometric spectrum distribution from 200nm to 1600nm
  • Radiometric and luminous flux
  • Intensity and distribution of intensities as ies files
  • Table of Unified Glare Ratings (UGRs)
  • Illuminance, irradiance
  • Power consumption, power factor, harmonics
  • Energetic efficiency
  • Colorimetry including color point, color temperature (CCT), color rendering (IRC, TM-30) and MacAdam ellipses
  • Flicker and strobe effect – short term light modulation (PstLM) and Stroboscopic Video Microscopy (SVM)
  • Luminance and mapping of luminances, contrasts

Test equipment includes

  • Integrating spheres 50cm and 2m
  • LMT GO 2000 goniophotometer with mirror
  • Instrument Systems CAS 120 and CAS 140 spectroradiometers
  • Yokogawa WT 3000 power meters
  • Everfine radiometric bench
  • Westboro Photonics 12 megapixel videoluminancemetry camera

Standardized test methods and technical references include

  • NF EN 13032-1 et NF EN 13032-4
  • LM-79
  • CIE S025
  • CIE 13.3
  • CIE 15
  • CIE 121
  • IEC 62471
  • IEC TR 62778
  • IEC 62722-1
  • IEC 62722-2-1
  • IEC 62717
  • IEC 62612
  • IEC TR 61547
  • IEC 63158