Optical and photonic technologies are crucial for the aeronautics market. PISÉO regularly assists with the following systems:

– Imaging systems : Imaging systems are essential for various applications in the aeronautics market. They are used, for example, for aircraft surveillance and navigation, engine and structural inspection, object detection, and thermal imaging. These optical systems provide necessary visual information to pilots, operators, and maintenance teams.

– Optical communication : optical communications offer an effective alternative to traditional communication systems in aeronautics. Optical fibers and transceivers enable the high data rates essential to airborne communication systems. This equipment also allows significant weight savings compared to copper networks and is used, thanks to Li-Fi, for infotainment applications.

– Optical sensors : optical sensors are implemented to ensure the safety and performance of aircraft. They precisely measure pressure, temperature, speed, and position, and are used for flight condition monitoring, engine performance management, control surface monitoring, and environmental condition sensing.

– Optical materials and coatings : Optical materials and coatings are used to ensure the performance of onboard systems under severe constraints and create pleasant atmospheres in aircraft cabins. For example, anti-reflective coatings can reduce unwanted reflections on aircraft windows and optical sensors, improving visibility and measurement accuracy.

– LiDAR : Obstacle detection and distance measurements are essential to ensure aircraft safety and proper functioning. There are, therefore, systems integrating lasers and detectors for ranging and detection, such as LiDARs.