Optical consulting and engineering

PISÉO’s experts have extensive industrial experience in the design of optical-photonic systems acquired within world-leading companies in their fields, as well as through the multitude of projects carried out for customers of PISÉO’s innovation platform. Their know-how combines with first-rate calculation and simulation resources and their accredited test laboratory, as well as a network of industrial partners. That enables PISÉO’s experts to support you effectively with specific advice, such as to carry out the development and industrialization of functions or innovative photonic optical systems.

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With their extensive know-how, PISÉO’s experts combine leading technical resources : an accredited test laboratory, Optical and mechanical calculation…

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Technical means

PISÉO’s experts have a high-level and multi-disciplinary industrial approach to optical-photonic systems, whether on illumination or imaging projects, or combinations of these two.

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PISÉO’s experts contribute daily on complex industrial issues. To date, they have successfully carried out more than 500 missions for customers of PISÉO’s innovation platform.


Optical benches

Optical test benches can test components such as light sources, detectors or sensors or more integrated systems such as cameras or light devices, including displays, screens, signage, and lighting, or even materials.