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Product and component benchmark

The benchmark or comparative study of products and components is a strategic tool for a company’s competitiveness. Based on an objective comparison of technical characteristics and performance, the benchmark allows a detailed understanding of the critical attributes of the products and components marketed. Benchmark analysis provides companies with valuable data to identify trends, position their offering, and make relevant technical choices.

Thanks to the unique combination of its expertise and the resources of its testing laboratories, PISÉO has the capacity to carry out comparative studies of photonic products and components. These studies are carried out independently and impartially, based on accepted test protocols.

The benchmark analyses conducted by PISÉO apply to LED, LASER, photodiode, or imaging sensor components, as well as to all products that integrate them: lighting, cameras, screens, AR/VR headsets, and many others.

The test protocol

Before carrying out the benchmark, PISÉO experts propose a testing protocol adapted to the customer’s needs.

The aim of the protocol is the definition of the specific parameters to test; it is the first step in any benchmarking. Depending on the components or products, the parameters vary, such as the luminous flux or energy efficiency for light sources, MTF or SNR for cameras, or even NUC or NEDT for thermal infrared sources.

In addition, in our laboratories, we can measure the lifespan of equipment using accelerated aging procedures at high temperatures in a climatic chamber.

The reliability of the studies carried out by PISÉO makes a detailed comparison possible, allowing the subsequent addition of other products to the study.

The benchmark report

Once we have conducted the tests, PISÉO analyzes the results and draws up a comparative report in accordance with the customer’s needs. This report presents the compared characteristics in a synthetic and visual manner. It can include a classification scheme for the products tested, thus allowing the customer to make informed decisions, for example on construction, lifespan, or optical performance.

The benefits provided by PISÉO during a benchmark

• A dedicated approach that meets the client’s expectations in all respects.

• Guidance on identifying key features to compare.

• Sample collection in the market carried out by PISÉO.

• Results that are easy to understand and use, allowing rapid comparison of the characteristics of the products evaluated.

• Direct and easy access to the experts who conducted the benchmark.

• A response to internal resource problems to carry out benchmarks with clients.

A benchmark conducted by PISÉO can thus be the source of significant financial benefit by avoiding a multitude of studies and providing rapid access to strategic information. It also increases the knowledge of customers’ R&D and marketing teams.