Optics and photonics technologies are proliferating in many markets and applications. PISÉO’s experts put their know-how and technical resources at the service of markets with high technical and societal challenges: automotive, aeronautics, medical and body care, defense, lighting, and industrial processes.



The automotive market is experiencing a real revolution due to various factors, such as vehicle electrification and automation. New optical and photonic technologies are the basis of considerable advances that will make it possible to meet these challenges.



Optical and photonic technologies are crucial for the aeronautics market. PISÉO assists with the following systems : imaging systems, optical sensors, optical communication, optical materials and coatings, LIDAR…



With their ability to understand application needs and their in-depth knowledge of optical and photonic technologies, PISÉO experts contribute to the health and well-being of patients by developing and characterizing systems for several applications.


Defense and security

By using wide spectral ranges, optical and photonic technologies are widely used for defense and security applications. PISÉO experts provide industrial players with their know-how to develop and test innovative and optimized optical solutions.



Thanks to LEDs, lighting has evolved considerably in recent years. PISÉO’s experts have a perfect command of this technology and support you in creating and testing state-of-the-art products that comply with regulations.


Industry 4.0

Optics and photonics increasingly contribute to process monitoring, object selection, and product quality control. Thanks to their long industrial experience, PISÉO experts support many customers in specifying, developing, and industrializing optical test benches.