LED medical lighting

Advances in optical-photonic and artificial intelligence technologies have spurred the development of medical imaging diagnostic systems, providing a valuable solution for the early detection of skin cancers. These systems integrate essential components such as image processing software, a camera, and LED lighting specially designed to optimize imaging conditions, thus capturing the details, relief and color of the skin.

However, it is often difficult to find commercial LED lights that meet the specific requirements of these diagnostic systems. This frequently leads to the custom design of lighting, particularly in the case of devices for diagnosing skin cancer by imaging.

Design of tailor-made medical lighting

Drawing on their expertise in optical systems and LED lighting, PISÉO experts were asked to design specific lighting for a skin cancer diagnostic device. This process began with an in-depth analysis of the application and customer needs, enabling precise performance requirements to be defined.

Search for Optical and LED Solutions

PISÉO experts explored different original solutions by combining light sources and dedicated optical systems. Architectures were pre-sized, modeled, and their performances were simulated using LightTools software. In parallel, a search for LED components was carried out, evaluating several candidates according to various criteria.

optical design with LightTools

optical design and prototype

Based on the results obtained in the previous phase, a detailed optical design was carried out, defining the optical surfaces and mechanical interfaces. Specific “freeform” lenses have been designed to optimize illumination. The optical system was modeled in LightTools and performance simulations performed. The prototype was then specified and its components assembled in the PISÉO laboratory. Subassemblies such as the LED card and optics were manufactured by trusted partners. A thermal study was also carried out by PISÉO to size the heatsink used to cool the LEDs.

prototype eclairage led

Testing and validation of the medical lighting system

To guarantee quality, optical performance tests were carried out in the PISÉO photometry laboratory. Illuminances, uniformity and spectral distribution were verified using calibrated measuring equipment. The test report validated the design, paving the way for controlled industrialization.

validation eclairage medical
Validation test of LED lighting in the PISÉO laboratory
validation eclairage medical

Photobiological risk for medical devices

All lighting systems containing light sources must be assessed from the point of view of photobiological risk. Thanks to their expertise in optical risks, our engineers carried out this assessment in parallel with the design. They were thus able to guarantee the development of lighting that complied with regulations on medical devices.

eclairage risque photobiologique
Photobiological risk assessment test in the PISÉO laboratory

This collaboration between PISÉO experts and the client illustrates the importance of a tailor-made approach to meet the specific needs of imaging skin cancer diagnostic systems, thus ensuring optimal performance.