The automotive market is experiencing a real revolution due to various factors, such as vehicle electrification and automation. New optical and photonic technologies are the basis of considerable advances that will make it possible to meet these challenges. PISÉO, a specialist in the integration of these technologies, supports its customers in developing systems such as:

– Automotive lighting : LEDs and MicroLEDs are revolutionizing automotive lighting. These photonic technologies make it possible to create extremely efficient and dynamic lighting solutions. Visibility and user security are greatly improved. Due to their small size, LEDs also make it possible to develop new optical and aesthetic functions that are unrivaled both outside and inside the vehicle.

– Sensors and cameras : Optical sensors and cameras are used for driver assistance and automotive safety systems, such as parking assistance, obstacle detection, peripheral vision, and lane departure warning systems. Driver vigilance monitoring devices (DMS) also use optical sensors.

– Imaging systems : Imaging systems are increasingly used in automobiles. Head-Up Displays (HUDs) project information such as speed, navigation, and alerts directly into the driver’s field of vision without the need to take their eyes off the road. The screens provide images of the vehicle’s environment but are also computer terminals allowing the driver to interact with the outside world in real time.