Industry 4.0

Optics and photonics increasingly contribute to process monitoring, object selection, and product quality control. Thanks to their long industrial experience, PISÉO experts support many customers in specifying, developing, and industrializing optical test benches.

– Industrial vision: By optimizing the triptych of LED lighting, imaging sensors, and lenses, and with the latest generation image processing algorithms, industrial vision systems have become extremely efficient. As a result, they help improve product quality, optimize production processes, reduce defects and errors, increase efficiency, and automate tasks previously done manually.

– LASER control: Coupled with specific optical systems, LASER light sources make it possible to accurately control the light beam and conduct electro-optical tests on detection components. LASER diodes, such as VCSELs, are particularly well suited for conducting tests under high-frequency pulsed light.

– Sorting by SWIR vision: SWIR vision (Short-Wave Infrared) is an imaging technology that uses the part of the electromagnetic spectrum located between the visible and the near-infrared. It captures additional information and exploits unique material properties. SWIR vision helps detect differences in chemical composition in materials such as plastic, glass, wood, chemicals, etc.