Colorimetric measurements

Colorimetric measurements with an integrating sphere

Measurements in an integrating sphere allow the characterization of the photometric and colorimetric performances of a light source or a light system.

Based on a radiometric measurement using a spectroradiometer, this characterization is carried out under COFRAC accreditation under controlled test conditions, in accordance with internationally recognized standards: EN 13032-1, EN 13032-4, CIE S025 and LM-79.

Through these measures, we can provide you with accredited reports containing the following characteristics:

colorimetry sphere
  • Luminous flux (lumens)
  • Light emission spectrum (wavelength from 300nm to 1100nm)
  • Color data: color coordinates (x, y), color temperature (CCT), color rendering index (CRI), Ra, 14 color CRI, TM-30 (Rg, Rf)
  • Total electrical power consumed (W)
  • Luminous efficacy (lumens / W)
  • Power factor
  • Energy efficiency class *
  • Harmonic distortion rate *Flux lumineux (lumens)

Colorimetry measurement equipment

  • Integrating spheres Instrument Systems 2m and GL Optic 50cm
  • Spectroradiometers Instrument Systems CAS 120 and 140CT (360-830nm), CAS140D (300nm-1100nm)
  • Yokogawa WT 3000 power meter
  • DC and AC stabilized power supplies
  • Temperature regulated device (cool plate) for measuring the performance of LED packages under different electrical and thermal operating conditions (Tj control)
spectral measurement

* these characteristics are outside of our scope of accreditation.