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“À la carte” tests

Are you currently developing or modifying an optical or LED lighting product and want to quickly carry out series of tests for its development?
We offer to carry out tests (optical, photometric, etc.) à la carte in your presence to carry out a maximum of tests in a minimum of time.

Nothing is easier :

  • You make an appointment for a day or half-day of laboratory tests with our staff and in your presence.
  • You come on the appointed day with your samples to be tested and have all the tests you want carried out by our staff.
  • You can therefore interact directly based on the test results and vary the parameters you want.
test lab

Laboratory equipment at your disposal

  • Goniophotometry
  • Spectral and colorimetric analyzes under variable current and temperature conditions
  • Thermal analyzes using IR camera and thermocouples
  • Electrical analysis
  • Luminance maps

These tests do not allow you to submit an accredited report.