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Optical engineering for products

The optical function is very often critical in a product or a test bench in which it is integrated because it contributes directly to the performance. Without a perfect mastery of optical engineering, the products marketed cannot meet market needs. As specialists in optical engineering with extensive knowledge, long industrial experience, and their optical characterization laboratory and partners, PISÉO experts can assist and support you in developing products that integrate the optical functions you need.

What is Optical Engineering?

Optical engineering includes all stages of design, development, and industrialization of an optical function. It requires strong skills in optics, in-depth knowledge of photonic technologies (LED, LASER, imagers, detectors, materials, surface treatment), extensive industrial experience (manufacturing process, assembly), and cutting-edge design and optical characterization tools.

optical engineering

Optical Engineering at PISÉO

At PISÉO, optical engineering is not limited to the optical system. Thanks to our multi-faceted approach to systems and our long industrial experience, we can take charge of the entire development of an optical function or a product in which this function is at the heart.

We implement a controlled process across the developmental spectrum, from the idea to the market, and coordinate all the necessary functions: electronics, software, mechanics, tools, assembly, and regulatory compliance.

This process, described below, is structured in phases and milestones. It reduces uncertainties and industrial risks and achieves a product that fully meets the expectations of our customers.

Many areas of application

Optical engineering is useful in many applications and markets: automotive, health, defense, aeronautics, space, telecommunications, process and assembly industries, etc.

The variety of applications in which the PISÉO experts are involved allows us to constantly create new knowledge, which enables us to offer our customers relevant, reliable, and fast optical engineering services.

For example, we have developed and industrialized optical systems for quality control of medical endoscopes, light lines in car interiors, wafers in the semiconductor industry, and dental scanners.