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Design and prototyping of IR High Power illuminator for imaging camera

Infra-red imaging cameras are becoming more common.However, in certain demanding configurations, the scene needs to be “illuminated” by means of an illuminator specifically designed to allow the image processing software and the associated algorithms to correctly discriminate the details present in the field of vision.

With their skills in the implementation of IR LEDs and optical design, PISEO experts have designed and qualified an innovative illumination system using pulsed IR LEDs and specific lenses to illuminate a scene at long distance witha light invisible to the naked eye. The main objective was Tt design and prototype a brand new illuminator for SWIR cameras.

Performed services

  • Definition of application requirements (use cases, performance & regulations) and cost objectives.
  • State of the art analysis of available IR LED technologies and proposal of optical and electronic concepts.
  • Evaluation of the achievable performances of the different concepts by calculation and simulation with LightTools 8.7.
  • Specification of the chosen optical and electronic architectures.
  • Thermal design.
  • Detailed design of the optical and electronic systems.
  • Realization of mock-ups and prototypes.
  • Performance assesment by means of IR goniophotometry.
  • Prototype qualification.
Thermal and electronic schemes
Collimator concepts
Simulation energeticilluminance