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Calculation and simulation tools, prototyping

Time-to-market is a major issue for companies willing to develop their position in the market. PISEO has invested for you in calculation and simulation tools. They represent an undeniable asset for designing and validating relevant technical solutions in fast and reliable way.

Our approach

Our experts use specialized software on a daily basis to carry out feasibility studies and design of innovative optical systems. True digital modeling tools, they allow to significantly reduce the development time of products that you entrust to us, as well as the risks associated with any innovation project.

Our tools

  • Own physical models.
  • Own calculation tools.
  • Matlab.
  • Rhino 3D.
  • Zemax.
  • LightTools.
  • Prosource.
  • Solidworks.
  • Computing station 24 hearts, 3,1 GHz.


Ou partner network for electronic, software, mechanical design and machining, including polymer injection for optical parts, allows us to propose you prototyping services of components, sub-systems and integrated systems.

Simulation Zemax
Zemax simulation