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NEWS | For your innovations, PISEO strengthens its means!

Our last successes

Development of a UV LED Illuminator

UV LEDs have achieved performances that now allow to consider disinfection solutions using this technology to replace the discharge sources. 

To make the most of UV LED sources, it is nevertheless necessary to clearly define the performance objectives expected at the application level (irradiance, uniformity, spectral distribution) and to know how to integrate them appropriately, taking into account the interactions between UV radiation and micro-organisms or particular operating conditions of UV LEDs.

Development of an illuminator for embedded camera inspection

Systems of machine vision are becoming more and more widespread and one can find many commercially ready-to-use cameras and lenses. Nevertheless, the software for processing captured images, even very elaborate, do not always succeed in discriminating sufficiently the scenes because of an ill-adapted illumination. By using a properly designed and realized illuminator, it is possible to compensate for lens vignetting problems, colorimetry and scene uniformity. 


PISEO strenghtens its optical design experts team

Thanks to its successes and in order to maintain the excellence of its industrial services in a context of strong growth, PISEO has recruited 3 new employees.

Lionel ARTINYAN is in charge of test engineering and technical studies on photonic components and systems. Engineer graduated from ENSSAT Lannion, he specializes in photonic components and the characterization of Infra-red camera sensors.


Julie BONNETTO is in charge of optical system design and has spent 5 years in the industry before joining PISEO. She holds a degree in Optical Engineering, Photonics and Industrial Vision, as well as a Research Master in micro and nano photonic structuring obtained at Telecom Saint-Etienne Graduate School.


Matthias JOUFFRIEAU is in charge of optical and thermal studies. He holds a Bachelor degree in optics-photonics and has worked for 15 years in a global leading lighting group, where he has participated in numerous LED-based luminaire design projects, combining component characterization and optical design, as well as prototyping.


Calculations and optical simulations

Optical calculation and simulation tools are, together with the testing laboratory, the key means of PISEO’s research & consulting activities. As true virtual prototyping tools, they allow us to guarantee speed and precision during the design phases of innovative optical systems and to carry out extensive analyzes that cannot be performed in laboratory.

> 2 ZEMAX OpticStudio 19.4 licences, including a Premium one

ZEMAX software is used to conduct design studies of imaging and illumination optical systems, from design to production. It is particularly suitable for the construction of complete models of imaging systems by allowing the consideration of usage scenarios, including environmental constraints, based on performance indicators (FTM, efficiency, uniformity …).


> 2 LightTools licences

LightTools is a reference software for the design and simulation of optical illumination systems. It allows, among other things, to model and optimize complex optical components by, for example, associating patterns with free-form surfaces for backlighting applications.


> Calculation server 24 processors, 3.4GHz

Equipped with the latest generation of microprocessors, this equipment allows us to perform many calculations and simulations in parallel to respond quickly and accurately to the needs of our customers.

Financing R&D and innovation

PISEO, Innovation Platform, has been approved by the French State and local authorities for the following tax refund and funding schemes :

  • crédit d’impôts recherche (CIR)
  • crédit d’impôts innovation (CII)
  • financement EASYTECH (PME Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes)

Foreign companies can benefit from these mechanisms, should they have R&D activities on the French territory. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.