UV-C LEDs at the time of Covid-19

> 2020 september : PISEO published a new report ” UV-C LEDs at the time of Covid-19″,. In the current context of health crisis due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the need to prevent contagion through disinfection has become a major issue. Like other coronaviruses, this new virus can be destroyed by UV-C radiation. With the emergence of UV-C LEDs, the question of the relevance of using … Continue reading UV-C LEDs at the time of Covid-19

étude faisabilité, conception, prototypage

Feasibility studies, design and prototyping of optical systems

We have developed many products using innovative photonic technologies for large leading international companies and high tech SMEs. PISEO experts have the necessary know-how and tools to help you in your search for innovation breakthrough in a relevant, fast and reliable way. Our approach PISEO’s experts are primarily involved in the early phases of the innovation process by typically performing the following activities in close … Continue reading Feasibility studies, design and prototyping of optical systems

Décomposition couleur mesure photométrie colorimétrie

Photometric and colorimetry performance measurements

The objective of photometry and colorimetry measurements is to characterize the performance of light sources and the systems that integrate them: LEDs, lamps, luminaires, motor vehicle lights, screens, indicators, panels …PISEO has skills and equipment to provide you with objective, impartial and quality measurement results. Thereby, these results allow you to check the performance of your products in accordance with regulatory requirements, as well as … Continue reading Photometric and colorimetry performance measurements

Calculation and simulation tools, prototyping

Time-to-market is a major issue for companies willing to develop their position in the market. PISEO has invested for you in calculation and simulation tools. They represent an undeniable asset for designing and validating relevant technical solutions in fast and reliable way. Our approach Our experts use specialized software on a daily basis to carry out feasibility studies and design of innovative optical systems. True digital modeling tools, they allow to significantly reduce the development time of products that you entrust to … Continue reading Calculation and simulation tools, prototyping

améliorations des produits

Product improvement

In a highly competitive market, companies must ensure the satisfaction of their customers and preserve or improve their operating margins as well. The re-design of existing products in the event of a high default rate, the need to increase performance or to reduce costs is one of the means of business competitiveness. Our approach Industrialists at heart and endowed with the know-how and the adequate tools, our experts are able to carry out the preliminary technical-economic analyzes necessary … Continue reading Product improvement

rayonnement optique traitement Alzheimer

NEW | Optical radiation to treat Alzheimer’s disease

REGEnLIFE, French start-up, specialized in the treatment of this disease by electromagnetic emission just achieved a 3M € funding to accelerate its development. Phototherapy and diagnostic applications are currently undergoing a revolution thanks to new photonic technologies.  As a specialist in the integration of these technologies, PISEO supports you in the design and characterization of innovative illumination, detection and imaging innovative system for healthcare applications.  Continue reading NEW | Optical radiation to treat Alzheimer’s disease

recherche appliquée définition du besoin

Applied research and definition of application requirements

We conduct applied research to deeply understand the physical mechanisms involved in optical radiation applications. Thanks to our deep understanding of the user needs, we are able to help you define the appropriate performance objectives of your products and thus bring you the best chances of success for your innovations. Our approach The research work conducted by PISEO can be carried out in the following frameworks: R&D contract with a client. Collaborative … Continue reading Applied research and definition of application requirements

JOIN US career

JOIN US | Operation Manager

Operation Manager Full time (CDI) Lyon ASAP WHO WE ARE?An 8 years old Innovation Center that designs and characterizes advanced illumination, detection and imaging systems integrating cutting edge photonics technologies.We help companies active in every kind of applications (global leaders, SME’s and start-ups) to innovate by providing them with top-notch industrial solutions. OUR TEAMA bunch of 11 successful and highly skilled engineers coming from the … Continue reading JOIN US | Operation Manager

Redesign to cost of a camera module

Visible camera modules for barcode reading applications are widely available. However, these products, which combine a lighting function and an imaging function, must be regularly updated in order to reduce their costs. At the request of their Client, PISEO experts have carried out cost reduction work by modifying the architecture of the module and by adapting the microlenses of the camera lens. Application Barcode reading Objective … Continue reading Redesign to cost of a camera module