Evaluating artificial optical risks

In their test lab, accredited to ISO 17025 by COFRAC, Piséo experts assess and calculate the risks associated with artificial optical radiation on the human body. Piséo employed these specific abilities in the service of the company EASii-IC in January 2021 to create an integrated circuit (ASIC) dedicated to air-based telecommunication applications (Li-Fi). Customer requests and constraints EASii-IC is an electronics manufacturer developing an ASIC … Continue reading Evaluating artificial optical risks

Cave protection goût lumière

Preventing “taste of light” in champagne wines

White wines and Champagne wines, in particular, degrade over time when exposed to light. This phenomenon due to the reaction of riboflavin sensitive to UV and blue light is characterized by the appearance of a smell of “wet dog” called “Taste of light”. The use of white LEDs containing blue light therefore presents a significant risk for the lighting of wine cellars. Application Lighting of … Continue reading Preventing “taste of light” in champagne wines


DELPHI4LED : Collaborative European R&D project

Unlike power electronic components, there are currently no digital LED twin models that allow simulations of the functioning of the systems integrating them. The use of such models would ostensibly reduce product development times and optimize them from a cost and performance point of view. The 15 partners of the consortium, including PISEO, succeeded in demonstrating that it was possible to create digital optical-electric-thermal models … Continue reading DELPHI4LED : Collaborative European R&D project

lentille freeform silicone

Development of freeform optics

At the request of Flux Lighting, PISEO has designed and developed a specific silicone lens incorporating silicone freeform surfaces. The advantage of freeform lenses is that they allow excellent control of the luminous flux. In public lighting, it is possible to optimize the distribution of the illumination on the ground in order to space the luminaires as much as possible while guaranteeing excellent uniformity. Freeform … Continue reading Development of freeform optics

Benchmark study of LED auxiliary lighting lamps

Innovation always begins with a good understanding of the state of the art, be it technological, application or players in the targeted economic sector.For this, PISEO experts regularly carry out benchmark studies of photonic systems. Application Transports, agriculture Objectives To carry out an independent comparative critical analysis of 17 products from different brands. Performed services Performance measurements using the PISEO LMT goniophotometer: flux, light distribution, … Continue reading Benchmark study of LED auxiliary lighting lamps