Reliability and performance of OLED displays

Human-machine interfaces (HMI) are more and more present in our daily life and their definition increases with the evolution of screen technologies. OLED technology is one of these technologies and integrators must make choices of relevant suppliers to guarantee the visual performance of displays over time according to the intended uses. With their skills in mechatronic systems and optical measurement, and equipped with suitable equipment, … Continue reading Reliability and performance of OLED displays


Woven optical fiber for automotive lighting

EFI Lighting, a subsidiary of automotive supplier EFI Automotive, has asked PISEO to support the industrial development of large luminous surfaces made from woven optical fibers. The high performance requirements (luminance and uniformity control) required the development of specific LED modules and optical couplers for each purpose. Application Interior and exterior lighting. Objective Development of a light system using woven optical fiber for automotive applications … Continue reading Woven optical fiber for automotive lighting


Light guide design

Used for display and signaling applications, light solutions combining light guides and LEDs have become essential. They are particularly appreciated by designers and architects for their ability to emphasize lines and create signatures.  Their small thickness and robustness make them easy to integrate into many systems. Their ability to guide light allows for large light areas with excellent uniformity. Mask on light guide – Cartography … Continue reading Light guide design