optimisation photothérapie

Optimization of a phototherapy device

The effects of visible and non-visible light on the human body are increasingly known and their application in the medical and paramedical fields is developing strongly.However, a good knowledge of the physiological effects of light and a perfect mastery of the design of optical systems are essential to create efficient products from a spectral and energy point of view. With their experience in creating optical … Continue reading Optimization of a phototherapy device

désinfection UV C LED

Development of a UV LED illuminator

UV LEDs have achieved performances that now allow to consider disinfection solutions using this technology to replace the discharge sources.To make the most of UV LED sources, it is nevertheless necessary to clearly define the performance objectives expected at the application level (irradiance, uniformity, spectral distribution) and to know how to integrate them appropriately, taking into account the interaction between UV radiation and micro-organisms or … Continue reading Development of a UV LED illuminator