drone caméra embarquée

Illuminator for embedded inspection camera

Aviation industry professionals were confronted with the difficult and time-consuming operation of having to inspect the upper fuselage of test aircraft. These inspections require heavy equipment and putted workers at risk In addition, the way visual inspection procedures are performed since the beginnings of civil aviation. DONECLE, a French company, has strong expertise in aircraft maintenance processes, drone robotics, automation and “deep learning” computer vision … Continue reading Illuminator for embedded inspection camera

Infrarouge caméra résultat

Infrared cameras characterization

Infrared cameras and imaging modules are rapidly expanding in many markets. In fact, the integration of microbolometer-type sensors has made it possible to reduce costs considerably, particularly for the benefit of monitoring and thermal imaging applications. However, to ensure quality measurements and images, the sensors that equip these cameras and modules must have appropriate performance characteristics. PISEO’s experts are able to characterize the performance of … Continue reading Infrared cameras characterization