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UVC LED market : free webcast


Finally, we are here. After waiting more than 10 years, the UVC LED market is ramping up and could very rapidly reach the billion-dollar mark.

There is good in every bad, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic has created some perfect use-cases for the technology to spread across a rapidly changing disinfection market. The whole industry was ready for a boom in the UVC LED market – but what has happened has gone way beyond its expectations.

How is the market likely to evolve? What is the status of the technology and industry, and what will the future bring? What will be the impact of the new behaviors learned during the COVID-19 pandemic on disinfection applications? And more. Yole Développement and PISEO (A photonics innovation center) have invited Bolb Inc. (UVC LED manufacturer) to share their vision during this exclusive and free webcast.