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NEWS | PISEO strengthens in the IR

Infrared night view

Characterization of imagers and infrared cameras

PISEO experts have developed a test protocol capable of determining the performance of the sensors used by thermal imaging cameras in a particularly efficient manner using a stabilized black body type thermal source and a dedicated software (NETD, Responsivity, scene dynamic, dead pixels, NUC, RFPN, MTF…)

Infrared pplication

Characterization of infrared sources “proche”

More and more applications benefit from IR LEDs illumination: ATEX lighting, transport, cosmetics, surveillance, bio photonics, military …, PISEO has therefore developped its photometric measurement capacities from UV to Infrared: 300 nm to 1100 nm. With our brand new InstrumentSystems CAS 140D spectrometer working with our integrating spheres and our goniophotometer, we measure the performance of your LED systems in an extremely precise and repeatable way.