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LED Measurements and Variability Analysis

The partners are Ecce’Lectro, LBC, Flexbright, Ingelux, Havells Sylvania, Philips, BME, Mentor Graphics, VTT, PI Lighting, MAGILLEM & PISEO.


The main objective of the Delphi4LED project (funded by the Ecsel European joint undertaking) is to develop a standardized method to create multidomain LED based design and simulation flow for the solid-state lighting industry.

Tools and standards will be developed at various levels to enable design and manufacturing of more reliable and cost effective LED based lighting solutions which can be brought to the market much faster than today. Beyond the modelling of thermal, electrical and optical behaviour of LEDs, modelling of process variability has been identified as an important feature that should be implemented in the final tool.

Sources of process variability during LED manufacturing, measurements, as well as their impact on colorimetry are currently investigated in the Solid State Lighting industry.

In the context of Delphi4LED, some preliminary electrical and optical measurements have been conducted on blue pump white Chip Scale Package (CSP) LEDs and the measurement data have been analysed statistically.