Optic and photonic

innovation platform

As a mutualised independent optic and photonic innovation platform, PISEO offers :

  • Technological analysis services and upstream design of industrial illumination, detection and imaging systems for all types of application.
  • Optical metrology services for UV, VIS and IR radiation.
conception optique

Our support

Specialised in the integration of photonic technologies, PISEO supports you in your innovation and optimization initiatives:

LED, VCSEL, laser diodes, detectors, image sensors, spectrometers, lidar, luminophores, optical materials…

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Our test lab

The PISEO test laboratory performs tests on components (LEDs, VCSEL, sensors, etc.) and integrated photonic systems (lighting devices, illuminators, screens, cameras…)
Our testing laboratory is COFRAC accredited (ISO 17025) for photometric testing and photobiological risk assessment, thus guaranteeing the quality and impartiality of the results.