mesure analyse flicker

Optical flicker measurement

The flicker is a phenomenon of variation of the light emitted by the light source of a lighting system depending on the variation of the power supply. It can cause situations of visual discomfort for users, or even more severe disorders for the most sensitive.

LED sources, extremely reactive, are particularly exposed, especially when the quality of drivers is insufficient.

PISEO has equipments for measuring the optical flicker of LED lighting systems and can provide consulting services for product improvement when necessary.

Flicker measurement


  • Flicker Index & Percentage Flicker according to IEEE 1789-2015
  • Pst LM & SVM according to IEC TR 61547-1 edition 2.0: 2017


Bi Tec Sensor Lightmeter Gigahertz Optik and controlled Chroma Power Supply

Characteristics :

  • Illumination measurement and colorimetry
  • Flicker measurement (Flicker Index, Percentage flicker & Pst LM)
  • Spectral measurement technology adapted to the light emitted by LEDs
  • Fast photodiode for synchronisation to the measurement of pulse width modulated light and flicker
  • Control of the power supply according to IEC TR 61547-1 ed.2
Sensor Lightmeter