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« Blue light of LED »

Remind to the physics of light basics and its influences on human eye.


Since the publication of the French agency ANSES report on the health effects of LED lighting systems in 2010, each scientific publication on the subject, whose conclusions are somewhat “anxiety-induc-ing”, is taken over by the French media, who quick broadcasts alarmist messages. The last publication of INSERM in December 2016 did not escape to this trend. However, if one takes the trouble to read the article, without limiting oneself to its conclusions, the photobiological risks that would present LED, with respect to the other sources of light, are far from proved. This article attempts to evaluate the actual exposure to which rats’ eyes were exposed despite the absence of parameters sizing the hazard level of blue light. Indeed, the mean level and luminance contrast, as well as the emission spectrum, are not specified. Our conclusion, which we tried to establish in scientific objectivity, is much less dra-matic than those media retained.