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Illuminator for embedded inspection camera

Aviation industry professionals were confronted with the difficult and time-consuming operation of having to inspect the upper fuselage of test aircraft.

These inspections require heavy equipment and putted workers at risk

In addition, the way visual inspection procedures are performed since the beginnings of civil aviation.

DONECLE, a French company, has strong expertise in aircraft maintenance processes, drone robotics, automation and “deep learning” computer vision algorithms.

This company has therefore seized this opportunity to revolutionize the way inspections are carried out over the past 40 years.

It was for this ambitious project that DONECLE turned to the experts at PISEO for assistance in the design of the on-board inspection camera illuminator.

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Machine vision systems are more and more widespread. Indeed, cameras and ready-to-use lenses are readily available on the market.

However, software for processing the captured images, even very sophisticated ones, does not always succeed in sufficiently discriminating between the scenes. This is often due to poorly adapted lighting.

Problems with lens vignetting, colorimetry and scene uniformity can be compensated for with well-designed LED lighting.

PISEO therefore supported this company in the design of a particularly efficient lighting system.

The aim was to help compensate for vignetting and colorimetry issues due to the camera lens and thus the overall performance of the inspection system.

Thanks to this product and PISEO support DONECLE is now the worldwide leader of automated aircraft visual inspection based on drone technology. The company offers a unique solution combining a 100% automated drone with advanced image analysis algorithms for the detection of damage to the exterior surface of aircraft.

The illuminator developed with PISEO now allows it to guarantee consistent image quality regardless of exterior light conditions.

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on-board inspection camera illuminator

· Search for suitable LED components.

· Optical design of potential solutions.

. Simulation performance comparisons with Light Tools software

· Prototyping of the chosen solution.

· Characterization of optical performance of the prototype in the PISEO laboratory.

Illuminator for on-board inspection camera

Illuminance simulation
Simulation of illumination performance
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PISEO Goniophotometer