drone caméra embarquée

Illuminator for embedded inspection camera

Systems of machine vision are becoming more and more widespread and one can find many commercially ready-to-use cameras and lenses.

Nevertheless, the software for processing captured images, even very elaborate, do not always succeed in discriminating sufficiently the scenes because of an ill-adapted illumination.

By using a properly designed and realized illuminator, it is possible to compensate for lens vignetting problems, colorimetry and scene uniformity.


Inspection of mechanical structures by means of a drone.


Design of an illumination system to compensate vignetting due to the lens of the camera and thus improve the overall performance of the inspection system (efficiency, date reliability).

Performed services

  • Determination of the illumination performance requirements.
  • Inventory of possible optical architectures.
Illuminance simulation
  • Search for compatible LED components.
  • Optical design of promising solutions.
  • Detailed comparisons of achievable performance based on simulation of optical systems with LightTools.
  • Detailed design of the illuminator and prototyping.
  • Characterization of the optical performance of the prototype using PISEO’s LMT goniophotometer.
optical system
Goniophotometer LMT