Infrarouge caméra résultat

Characterization of IR detectors

Since the integration of microbolometer type sensors has made possible to reduce cost prices very significantly, infrared imaging cameras are widely deployed on the market, to the benefit of surveillance applications.

To obtain optimal performance / price ratios at the camera level, a detailed understanding of the performance of the sensors used is necessary.

PISEO experts have developed a test protocol capable of determining the performance of the sensors used by thermal imaging cameras in a particularly efficient manner using a stabilized black body type thermal source and a dedicated software.


IR imaging.

Infrared detectors


To characterize a LWIR sensor performance depending on temperature.

Performed services

Development of the test protocol.

>Performance parameters measurement:

  • NETD
  • Responsivity
  • Scene dynamic
  • Dead pixels
  • NUC
  • RFPN

> Results analysis.

> Presentation of the results to the Client.