Li-Fi High Speed Wireless connection

LiFi comes to life

An article written by Andy Extance for ELECTRO OPTICS, in collaboration with Joël THOME, CEO of Piséo – Laser-based technology and sophisticated modulation schemes could help deliver on future demands for high data volumes, finds Andy Extance. In 2011, Harald Haas revealed a technology that would see light-based wireless data pouring from our lightbulbs, yet more than a decade later few have seen it in … Continue reading LiFi comes to life

COVID-19, a perfect use-case for UV lighting technologies

An interview with ams OSRAM, PISEO and Yole Développement The current health crisis, with COVID-19 pandemic is causing an extreme high demand for disinfection solutions. Among these, devices using UV-C radiation are experiencing renewed interest. We see a lot of communication on this subject, from press releases developed by industrial companies to articles in media. According to the market research & strategy consulting company, Yole Développement … Continue reading COVID-19, a perfect use-case for UV lighting technologies