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Innovation projects

PISEO experts have carried out more than 200 innovation projects in the field of photonics and optics to date.

By integrating the most recent photonic technologies (LED, VCSEL, laser diodes, detector, sensors, optical polymers, glass, surface treatments …), we offer, develop and create optimised optical solutions for customers belonging to various industries : imagery, lighting, transport, detection and surveillance, health and body care… Our skills and technical means allow us to also carry out technological analyses, feasibility and design studies, optical simulations and tests, as well as prototypes in a reliable and rapid manner.

Imagery and vision

Health and body care

Lighting field

Transportation and automotive

Defense and security field

Imagery and vision projects

The imaging sector currently experiences strong growth. The technological progress for sensors creates a very favorable ground for innovation in many fields: photography, facial recognition, presence detection, process control, quality control, machine vision, thermography...

In addition, to optimise the performance of imaging systems and increase their ability to discriminate objects, appropriate lighting of the scene present in the field of vision of the camera is equally essential, whether in visible light or in infrared light.

In this context, PISEO experts, with their experience and technical means in the design and testing of illumination, detection and imaging systems, support you in the design, building and optimisation of your imaging systems.

To achieve this, we take into account the needs of use and application, and design systems that optimally integrate VIS and IR LEDs, photodiodes, imaging sensors or microbolometers, as well as optics, and software.

Health and body care projects

The health and body care sector is increasingly using light for a number of applications. Accordingly, there exists a large number of ever more efficient devices such as: pulsed light epilator, endoscope, dental polymerizer, illuminator for skin treatment, medical imager, skin scanner, laser scalpel … Today, disinfection by UV radiation is experiencing a renewed interest and UV-C LEDs seem promising in this respect. Also, PISEO experts support your projects in the design, implementation, testing and qualification of innovative systems for these applications. For this, their photonics skills allow us to integrate LEDs, VCSELs, laser diodes, photodiodes, imaging sensors, spectrometers, screens, optics materials…

Lighting field projects

Lighting today makes extensive use of LEDs, the ultimate photonic component. For example, this type of component coupled with freeform optics achieves unrivaled performance in public lighting. In addition, LEDs come in a wide variety of shape, wattage and light spectrum which allows them to be used in all lighting applications, even for horticulture or champagne cellars. Also, PISEO experts have solid skills and significant technical resources to support your lighting projects through optical design and simulation, prototype production, as well as carrying out benchmarking studies.

Transportation and automotive projects

The applications of photonics for transportation are numerous and varied. Indeed, light guides coupled with LEDs are particularly popular for creating attractive design effects in the interior and exterior of vehicles. Likewise, LEDs are now widely used for front and rear lights. In addition, screens now using OLED technology are starting to be widely deployed in dashboards and cockpit. Finally, vehicle automation makes extensive use of photonics by integrating LIDAR systems made up of laser or VECSEL diodes and optical detectors. Also, all these systems require a sophisticated optical design that PISEO experts are able to carry out in the various projects they lead for the company’s customers.

Defense and security field projects

The issues relating to defense and security activities are extremely important. Also, the surveillance and optical detection systems used in these areas require a particularly careful design. For this, PISEO experts, with their skills and technical means, are able to support you in your innovations by carrying out feasibility studies, optical design, prototyping, tests and pre-series. The systems developed by PISEO incorporate the most recent photonic technologies in the field of visible and infrared light.